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La Mano Y El Sol.
Killing the boredom! 
I only wanted to say hi. 0_o
Another photo of me. Except this one is old. [I cut my hair a few days ago.] This was the 1st time I used strobes. Used them without know the hell what I was doing. Had a blast messing around with them, but at the same time, tired as hell!! Before this I was shooting an assignment and took forever trying to get the light. But in the end I got a good shot. Getting that chrome sheet film was not easy.
Here it is, another! Digital Vendetta!
Man I’m sick of sitting all day. 
Oh man!! So we were under the freeway talking [well Digital Vendetta] about how it would be down to throw a show there. But obviously they wouldn’t be able to. Then early today I was thinking… “OMG, I would so want to shoot under the freeway again :::brainstorms for ideas:::…..fuck yeah!!! Hahahahaha. Now to look for someone who is down to do the shoot.