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He was waiting for me! Hahahaha. Yeah, right! Hahaha.
Random boy in SM.
Dockweiler. ;)
Zuleyka! ^_^

Okay! I didn’t feel like waiting tomorrow. Here’s the other set. ;)
I have another set of my cat. It’s film…too lazy to scan. It’s suppose to be 7 photos of B&W negs printed in a color enlarger, but only got to print 4, 5 (including the “B&W”). So, basically it was suppose to be the color wheel of Fluffy (my cat).
Divatox. ;)
Well….here’s what ended up in the gallery, for those who didn’t go. 
So much better if you where there!

I’ll post the other set later tomorrow. Enjoy this one and fall in love with it. Haha.
This time…I’ll make sure I’m 10xs weird, 10xs a freak, and 10xs awkward to give you discomfort! ;)
Hey, listen! Look at these hookers! ;) 
Looking through my hard drive and found this! ^_^
I shall continue to look for more old photos. ;)